Why Webadev uses OneNote

 On its blog, Webadev wrote a post concerning the use of OneNote to share information within the company. I thought it could be interesting to have this post translated in English.

Within any organization it is essential to have an effective communication system to share information such as notes of meetings with customers and prospects, action lists, ideas for new projects …

Because the word processor was to be a fairly inefficient way to manage notes, we turned to Microsoft OneNote software and wanted to share our experience because we found this an incredibly effective application for taking notes, organizing projects and collecting information and so to improve our productivity.

This program allows us to centralize virtually all types of information. It includes a powerful search feature that allows you to find information quickly and easily. It also features collaboration tools designed to help to manage ever increasing volumes of information and facilitate group work.

 Some advantages of OneNote

Here are some benefits that we found in the use of OneNote:

  • No need to start a new file every time you want to write something;
  • Possibility of managing everything through the system of logical sections (tabs) and pages within the sections;
  • Possibility of sharing the notebook via the network. The amendments made by the collaborators are highlighted and a version functionality for the pages provides a version history by date and author;
  • Creating Wiki links to the new content so that anyone using the same notebook can be automatically directed to the right place;
  • The powerful search functions showing search results as you type allow you to find information easily;
  • Possibility to integrate in the notes any type of files allowing you to manage the information in one place;
  • In addition, the application opens instantly, unlike other Microsoft applications.

 This list is not exhaustive and if necessary you can read « Top ten reasons to try OneNote 2010« 

 Some uses

  • Taking notes during customers and prospects meetings, which allowed us to reduce the burden of the visit reports; 
  • Taking notes during internal meeting … no more flip ;
  • Creating to-do lists ;
  • Capture web searches. Internet Explorer 8 lets you send a web page content directly to OneNote; 

 We do not use all the features offered by OneNote, however, we found that this program worked as we wanted without us having to conform our behavior to how it works.

 We believe that, although it is not theMicrosoft’s best-known software,  OneNote is a tool that can meet the needs of a wide range of users.

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